Monday, December 27, 2021

Final WebLogic 10.3.6 Patch For EPM

A commenter on this blog, Ben, shared how to get the final WebLogic 10.3.6 patch for Hyperion / Oracle EPM  We may download this patch without needing to get a password from Oracle Support.  The patch number is:


You need to be on an active Oracle Support contract for your EPM in order to access the patch.

Ben also indicated we may pull up an Oracle Knowledge Base article that lists the final patches for various components of the EPM suite.  The KB # is:


When you pull up this KB article, crtl-f in your browser and plug in this text to jump directly to the Hyperion section:

3.3.22 Oracle Hyperion Infrastructure Technology

If your environment includes Essbase, we can expect more Essbase patches to come out in 2022, because (for now) EPM 11.2.x uses Essbase under the covers.

As of EPM, Essbase 12c is still not certified for Hyperion Planning.  Once an 11.2.x comes out that certifies Essbase 12c for Planning, I'll take a closer look at it.

As per the README, EPM 11.2.x patches are expected to be released Quarterly according to this rough schedule (Oracle Corporation's Safe Harbor applies here):  January, April, July, and October.

On Oracle's EPM 11.2 documentation hub, click "Essbase" on the left-hand side.  Among other things, we are explicitly told to use Essbase

"Use Essbase, which is compatible with Enterprise Performance Management Release 11.2.x"

Consult the Install+Config Guide for more information about using Essbase 12c in an EPM 11.2.5+ environment.

Many of you are on PTO this week, so you might not notice this post until early 2022.

Have a Happy New Year!


  1. Comments like these abuse my search engine ranking status and will be deleted when I return to a proper keyboard.

    Don't do this. It is specifically mentioned in the comment policy.

    1. Aaand deleted. Don't post 1-liners followed by many URLs to boost your SEO ranking. I worked hard for my rank, post by post.

  2. Hi,

    What about EPM Not affected?


  3. I meant to reply about Log4j and if is affected. Can't seem to find answers as everything just says probably because we are last client on 😜

    1. Hi kw, is technically out of support. Your primary issue is the newest Welogic patches for 10.3.6 want you to be running Java 7 or higher. Unless my knowledge is outdated on this point, Oracle has not certified a Java upgrade for EPM and prior.

      My gut says Java 7 would work in, but it won't be certified by Oracle unless they have a change in heart. So at this time, I cannot recommend it.

  4. WLS 10.3.6 and Java 7 patches were released yesterday. Does this mean that they need to be applied on I was under the impression that Q4 2021 were going to be the final ones..

    Patch 33518566: Oracle JDK 7 Update 331
    Patch 33494814: SU Patch [HYG5]:WLS PATCH SET UPDATE

    1. Hello! You could attempt them, provided the HYG5 patch isn't password-protected. You would absolutely want to back up your system first.

      My concern for your specific case is has fallen out of Extended Support, so if something goes wrong and you open an SR with Oracle, they might push back when they learn you getting a patch that dated after the expiration date.

    2. I asked Oracle. Long story short, their reply was: Java YES, WLS NO.

    3. Interesting. Appreciate the update!


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