Wednesday, October 27, 2021

EPM 11.2.7 is Available

 EPM 11.2.7 README

The EPM 11.2.x README (linked above) has been updated for 11.2.7.  The software is available on eDelivery for both 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Linux.

I'm in the process of standing up a fresh Windows Server 2019 VM and will share my findings after I get through the Install+Config of EPM 11.2.7.  I will be doing it fresh, rather than as an in-place upgrade from a prior release.  That exercise will come later.

One of the main things I'm interested in is to see how 11.2.7 handles the October 2021 Oracle Critical Patch Update ("CPU").  In particular... WebLogic.  When doing the patch search for the October 2021 CPU, I kept seeing "this patch has been superseded".  Grabbing the latest & greatest WebLogic patch actually bricked my 11.2.6 system and so I had to roll back the patch to get things working again.