Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Essbase Studio Server and Linux

So before I dive in, I need to clear the air a bit.  If you are currently using Essbase Studio, find an alternative.

Essbase Studio was removed in Hyperion / Oracle EPM  You need to figure out a different way to build your Essbase cubes.  As the point of this blog post is not to give free application consulting, I'm going to pass over this particular topic and instead help those who are still using Essbase Studio through on Linux.

There's a little bug with how Essbase Studio Server was packaged for Linux, and I first detected it when doing an upgrade back in the day.  The problem persists in, and I suspect the through releases have the exact same issue.

And here is the root cause and solution!

The symptom:  You run the pre-built start script for Essbase Studio Server on Linux, in your user_projects/epmsystem1/bin/ folder.  The script doesn't complain, but you never see the Java process for Essbase Studio Server start up.  What's going on here?

The root cause:  installtool.sh doesn't set the UNIX filesystem permissions correctly for the back-end Essbase Studio Server scripts.

The fix:

cd to your EPMSystem11R1 folder
Type (you will have to tweak this depending upon the variation of UNIX you are running)
find . -name *.sh -exec chmod ug+x {} \;

Done.  You've nuked it from orbit and changed all shell scripts to be executable by the owner and the group.