Sunday, August 8, 2021

11.2.6 Doesn't Fix My Bricked In-Place Upgrade

Those of you who've been following my blog for some time know that I love to experiment.

A while back, I had attempted an in-place upgrade within the Hyperion / Oracle EPM series after applying one of the quarterly Oracle Critical Patch Updates.  I have at least 2 posts here on that very topic: my original findings, and a 2nd post offering a solution shared by one of our frequent commenters here, Deezel.

The README for EPM, the newest EPM Release as of this writing, claims to automatically roll back Middleware patches are part of the in-place upgrade process.  I decided to roll the dice without first applying the solution linked above.  Mostly, I was just curious to see what would happen!

Well..... this happened:

(Trying to redeploy other web applications, such as Calculation Manager, yields a similar error)

Given this is happening in a throwaway sandbox that isn't customer-facing, I opted not to open a Service Request on this.

Other weird errors encountered during the in-place upgrade:

  • EPMSystem11R1\diagnostics\logs\install\ gobbled up 80GB of space due to a runaway 32-bit Oracle DB Client silent install.  It ate up all remaining disk space I had available, and I ended up having to forcibly terminate the javaw.exe process for installTool.  I also ended up renaming the dbclient32 folder and deleting its entry in the global Oracle Inventory.
  • The OHS upgrade failed at 50% completion status with a vague error.  I renamed the ohs folder and installTool completed during the 2nd attempt.
  • 11.2 still has the Known Issue with respect to cancelling out of configTool; it blew away both setEnv.bat and configTool.bat in the epmsystem1 instance folder.
I need to move on to other matters of investigation now, so I destroyed the VM to free up space for the next one.

It was an interesting exercise.  I'm encouraging all my peers to back up the Middleware folder (minus user_projects) prior to applying the quarterly Oracle CPU Middleware patches.  I think I still have some of my hair remaining....