Sunday, June 27, 2021

In-Place Upgrade Fix for 11.2.5 After Critical Patch Update

Credit for the following information goes to a commenter on this blog named Deezel.  And also, of course, to Oracle for figuring out the fix!

The issue:

In the Hyperion / Oracle EPM 11.2.x series of releases, Critical Patch Updates are available to fix significant security vulnerabilities in Oracle WebLogic Server 12c and Java 8.

Unfortunately, one of the WebLogic patches require an update to the OPatch utility, and the update cannot be rolled back successfully.  So if you're on EPM through, you cannot redeploy your web applications after performing the in-place upgrade to  You get a generic error in configTool and the back-end log error messages are unhelpful.

What follows are Oracle's instructions on how to work around the issue.  Again, a big thank you to commenter Deezel and I look forward to applying the fix in one of my bricked sandboxes.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of following Oracle's advice by backing up the folders.  Best of luck!

After Update from 11.2.4/11.2.3 to 11.2.5 deployment of products fail.
The steps listed here are to restore the Updated 11.2.5 instance with deployment failures to working state.
Back Up:
Take back up of EPMSystem11R1 and user_projects folder available under Middleware Home.
1 Stop all services
2 Delete all the folders under MWH except EPMSystem11R1, dbclient32,dbclient64 and user_projects
3 Rename the .oracle.products available at EOH\.oracle.product as .oracle.products_11.2.5
4 Rename the .oracle.products0 as .oracle.products
5 Run Apply Update
6 Configure as per Update Guide
7 Start Services
8 Sanity test passes


  1. I will just re-iterate what I wrote (kinda bad tho):
    If this is NOT the first time you apply a maintenance upgrade on 11.2, your .oracle.products is probably incorrect and missing components (weblogic, OHS...) and you will likely need to doctor it to get the upgrade to work.

    I suggest you keep a copy of the file before you apply any maintenance update.

  2. What a complete hack job by Oracle. I really hope they fix the underlying problem in 11.2.6, which I would guess is coming out this month or next. I'm on 11.2.4 and totally blew up my sandbox environment with updating from 11.2.4 to 11.2.5. Not going to hack up my install just to get it to apply, I'm waiting for 11.2.6 until I try it again. Who knows, this might turn out to be like the Star Trek movies, only the even numbered movies were good 🙂. Thanks for the updates on the "fix".

  3. I just tried but one of my server which have only hfm app server, doesn't start configtool. It just don't want to start no log, nothing we can see. Checked variable and param. I doubt some files missed as we deleted as per instruction.

    Does anyone faced the same?

  4. Update:- the hack provided by oracle still not a complete solution. Just finished up with again blowing up but able to solve it as well
    If you are using a distributed environment with all the components spread across and also if you coming from 11.2.1 to up vesrsions than you will face few more hickups.
    It will be solved by adjusting the .oracle.products entries

  5. Hi all, and thank you, Deezel, for the procedure.
    I have a couple of questions
    After following the procedure, do you need to apply the security patches again, or do the versions that 11.2.5 install doesn’t need the patch?
    I have a distributed environment, ShadowBone can you share what changes I need to make in the oracle product entries?
    Thank you all for the help, and this is a fantastic blog.

    1. With respect to the patches, new ones came out yesterday (Jul 20, 2021).

      11.2.5 and 11.2.6 (also released yesterday), will need a patch analysis.

  6. This will likely come as a relief to many: the 11.2.6 update does not require the steps AFAIK. I haven't had time to test it myself, but a colleague tested on his patched 11.2.4 (opatch, weblogic and epm patches applied) and had no issues upgrading to 11.2.6. Still I would recommend having proper backup / snapshot before testing it out =)


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