Sunday, May 16, 2021

Patch 30695700 - Hyperion EPM Architect to DRM Conversion Utility

This post is going to be more painful than the last one I just wrote.

Suppose you are on Hyperion / Oracle EPM or prior, and your metadata is under EPMA's control.  Further suppose you have many applications and converting them all to Classic Mode doesn't suit your business requirements.

You essentially have 2 alternatives to Classic Mode in EPM 11.2.x due to the elimination of EPMA.

1. Switch to the Oracle DRM Limited Use license.
2. Contact Abhi at

That's pretty much it.  If you, my dear reader, have a 3rd option I have not considered for on-premises EPM, please by all means share your solution in the comments!  With upgrades heating up in Fiscal 2021, this topic is going to come up over and over!

What the above out of the way, I'm going to focus specifically on option #1.

There is a patch numbered 30695700.  It is associated with DRM (don't ask me why, as it really applies to an EPM 11.2.x implementation).

This is not a true "Opatch" opatch.  It is a standalone Java utility, and the Java source code is included.

Halt.  Stop right there.  Do not pass Go.  Do not collect $200 USD.

Depending upon which version of EPMA you're coming from, and also depending upon how your multi-line Essbase block storage member formulas are written, the utility crashes within seconds.

Sadly, the README delivered with patch 30695700 contains some rather.... odd... language for a non-certified and unsupported utility.

After the README states the utility is not certified by Oracle and is also unsupported, it includes a prohibition from sharing code modifications/enhancements.

So, I know exactly where in the code the crash issue happens, but sadly I am prohibited from sharing the solution.  I really believe the policy needs to be re-examined by Oracle Support so the EPM community may share knowledge with each other!

Suffice to say, a single-line member formula shouldn't have any problems during the conversion process.  The problem is when a multi-line formula contains empty lines (carriage returns for readability purposes) and the EPMA File Generator _ line continuation character doesn't appear where the conversion utility expects to find it.  That's about all I can say for now.


  1. EPMware is fantastic, an experience better than collecting $200 USD. Thanks for the post.

    1. Abhi at EPMWare is highly intelligent and he just delayed too long to hire me before another firm snatched me up. ;)

      I did encounter a need to edit and recompile this 30695700 patch due how a customer implemented multi-line Essbase BSO formulas. Unfortunately, I can't share the solution due to the crazy terms in the patch README.


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