Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Oracle WebLogic Admin Server - as a Windows service made EASY

"BeaService", how did I beat you?

If you have never heard about or read about NSSM before, READ ON!

When I record installation sessions for Hyperion / Oracle EPM, I tend to pause the recording when it is time to deploy NSSM to get Oracle WebLogic Admin Server setup as a Windows service.

Because NSSM is an acronym that is not entirely nice.  I won't repeat it here.  But you NEED this tool if you don't have it!  Grab it here:  NSSM download

NSSM lets you create a Windows service for any executable .bat or .exe.  It does not work for OHS 12c and I have a separate post about that topic.  But it works wonderfully for the Oracle WebLogic Admin Server ("WLS") in either 10.x or 12.x.

Simply download NSSM and unzip it in a directory of your choice.  That directory should not be deleted later.  I save my copy in D:\Scripts\NSSM on my primary EPM Foundation Server where the master version of WLS resides.

The beauty of this utility is:

  • You can customize the name of the service, as in my first screenshot above.
  • You can make it rotate the log files.
  • You can force it to make the stdout and stderr logs reside in the same folder as your EPM service stdout/stderr logs!

I won't post the spoiler screenshots or else you won't hire me.  😈  But maybe I gave you a few helpful hints here?


  1. Hat tip to a very senior person at Oracle Support who clued me in to this utility. Back in the day when FCM/ARM needed SOA prior to the FCM patch, we had to have SOA running. And SOA is really a 4-letter word I won't repeat. :) I used the original Oracle KB article to set it up using the bea* service, and the senior support guy was like "no, you're doing it wrong". I appreciated the correction and share it with my peers to this day.

  2. As I mentioned in the other post, if you have a look at lastinvocation, you can probably figure out how to get OHS running with NSSM as well ;)

  3. My personal favorite, just use the javaservice that is used for all other weblogic windows services. You need to record once from startscript / figure out the required jvmoptions as you will need to create as registrykeys.

    then create the service
    ..user_projects\domains\EPMSystem\bin\HyS9WeblogicAdmin_epmsystem1.exe /Manual /Service /Name=Oracle Weblogic AdminServer (epmsystem1) /Desc=custom service for starting Weblogic Admin Server /StartClass=weblogic.Server /ServiceName=HyS9WeblogicAdmin_epmsystem1 /RegKey=WeblogicAdminServer

    This way you have it all in the same place.

  4. Thanks for this. Nice GUI on NSSM.
    Using NSSM I now have OHS as windows service (skip launch.exe and go for httpd.exe).
    Whole nodemanager is obsolete and no more stored credentials, yippie!

    1. Great suggestion on invoking httpd directly through NSSM. I'll definitely take that for a spin in one of my sandboxes.

    2. Yeah, I do it that way as well as it just look weird to decouple the process tree. It works fine even if one do with NSSM.

      A few other things. Make sure to start the nodemanager way once at least, it copies files to where OHS really reads it files. Also, make sure to sync that every time you start OHS, otherwise you risk overwriting any changes made to your web config.


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