Wednesday, May 12, 2021

In-Place Upgrade to EPM

The comments section for my prior post about EPM has really lit up with a common theme:

An in-place upgrade from either Hyperion / Oracle EPM or (the only certified paths to get to fails if one applied the OPatch update necessary to subsequently apply the quarterly Oracle Critical Patch Update ("CPU") for Oracle Fusion Middleware - most notably WebLogic and OHS.

The commenter community seems to be in agreement that the best approaches are:
  • If Oracle Middleware, Opatch in particular, has yet to be patched, back it up!  If disk space is available, back up \Oracle\Middleware in its entirety before applying the quarterly Cracle Critical Patch Updates.
  • If the system is unpatched, it is apparently safe to perform the in-place upgrade to
  • If the system was patched, it will be necessary to restore \Oracle\Middleware\Opatch and perhaps \Oracle\Middleware\wlserver and \Oracle\Middlware\oracle_common.  The jury is out on exactly where the bug resides with respect to patching.  All that is known for certain is Opatch is a primary culprit and the Opatch update cannot be rolled back without performing a filesystem restore for the Opatch folder structure.
Additionally, I experienced issues with missing jar files where ODI and FDMEE is concerned.  I have yet to determine if this is due to the issue mentioned above....  an EPM 11.2 customer-facing upgrade that just got handed over from me to the UAT team has eaten up all of my "free time".

I've installed a fresh VM and a fresh/unpatched EPM and will perform the in-place upgrade to to vet if ODI/FDMEE is truly broken or not in this release.  The EPM Configurator tool does not reveal the problem when FDMEE is broken, but there's a way I can see it on the back-end.

Finally, time permitting, I'll take my unpatched Middleware backup, restore it to my botched/patched> in-place upgrade VM and see if I can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

And here we thought RCU was difficult....


  1. Hey Dave -- did you happen to run into an issue running the UA for your FDMEE instance with the 11.2.5 upgrade? I'm upgrading an 11.2.3 system and the UA is whining about not being able to find the STB schema that I'm looking right at. I'm gonna poke at it with the RCU for a bit, but noticed that my UA is version (despite the 11.2.5 update having been applied to this erstwhile-11.2.3 system).

    Thanks for all the great content! You and Jon Goodwin have been helping the rest of us poor infra slobs out for moons, and I appreciate ya. Cheers!

    1. Hi, I could not UA to work for FDMEE. The problem is, as you correctly stated, we don't use RCU to create the ODI content. I tried to fake the system by manually creating that little RCU schema table, but UA didn't like it.

      After spinning our wheels for 2+ weeks on an Oracle SR that wasn't going fast enough for our project timeline, we were forced to punt. We recreated the ODI objects by hand within ODI Studio. Not a pleasurable experience!

  2. Has Oracle not even acknowledged the problem yet, Dave? Did they log a bug and are they attempting to replicate the suspected OPatch issue?

    1. Hi Larry. I've encountered this in one of my sandboxes, but fortunately have backed up the Middleware folder for customers on 11.2.4 who haven't patched yet. I won't have standing to open a customer-facing Oracle SR on this issue until I encounter a customer who needs help with this.

      At least one other commenter on this blog has hit this exact issue and I believe they have an SR open. Oracle acknowledged the issue, but I haven't heard news of a fix yet.

  3. With all of the messes I've seen on the interwebs, and my own steaming pile of manure created by this over the top patch, I'm going to sit tight on patching up until the next release. I know, at that point, we'll have no choice since they're only supporting patching up from the last two prior releases. We can only hope that they fix this mess in time for the next release and, hopefully, give some sort of fix for this release. The beat goes on 🙂


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