Tuesday, April 27, 2021

EPM 11.2.5 - My Week is Full

We finally get Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW)!

SQL Server 2017!

Essbase 21c certified!

The bad news:

If you're still using Essbase Studio, migrate away from it.  Essbase Studio is slated to be retired in EPM 11.2.6 as per this Oracle Statement Of Direction:  https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocumentDisplay?_afrLoop=81935405509356&id=2731169.1&_afrWindowMode=0&_adf.ctrl-state=rbcbyuw9y_4

Visual Basic scripts for FDMEE need to be migrated to Jython ASAP.  VB scripting is expected to be decertified in EPM 11.2.7.  We knew this some time ago, but now we now the release number where VB goes away for FDMEE.

Interesting news:

Oracle's readme for 11.2.5 confirms what I've suspected.  In 11.2.x we aren't getting Patch Set Updates (PSUs), but rather new "dot" releases.  Here's a copy/paste directly from the 11.2.5 readme:

EPM System updates are released on a quarterly basis, generally in January,
April, July, and October.

You can directly apply an update from the previous two updates.

I won't paste the entire thing.  When you download 11.2.5 from Oracle eDelivery, you get this folder:

EPM_11.2.5\EPM\EPM System Installation Documentation\EPM System Installation

Stop, open this folder.  Open the readme before doing anything.  Here's the Cliff Notes.  You can apply 11.2.5 as an in-place upgrade on top of either 11.2.3 or 11.2.4.  Do not attempt to apply it on top of or any older release; you need to do a fresh install and LCM your apps from the older release.  Only is certified for this migration path.

If you were an early adopter like me, you need to jump to 11.2.2 before you can get to 11.2.3 or higher.  You can apply 11.2.2 on top of either 11.2.0 or 11.2.1.  You can't get to 11.2.3, .4 or .5 unless you're on at least .2.  Job security!

Migration Path documentation: to 11.2.x

If you're on Financial Close Management or older, prepare for pain.  I've done it and it is not fun.  :(

It is now time to back up my sandbox and attempt the upgrade.  Wish me luck!