Sunday, October 11, 2020

Provider Services, Linux, and the WebLogic bug - UPDATE

I posted previously about my adventures working with Hyperion / Oracle EPM in a Linux environment.  One thing that stood out, which I've reproduced and have also received confirmation about from some of my commenters here, is Analytic Provider Services (APS) produces a WebLogic error message during APS's startup sequence.

The error message is hard to decyper, but it essentially complains that something is misconfigured within the aps.ear file.

This error does not happen in the Windows counterpart of EPM

I discovered the following 2 solutions during my regression testing, and wanted to share.  So here goes!

Solution 1

Stand up a little throwaway Windows Server 2016 or 2019 virtual machine.  Install Essbase Plus  In installtool.bat, just pick Foundation and APS.  You don't need to configure/deploy.  Just the install is sufficient!  Once APS is installed, stop APS on Linux and then copy aps.ear from the Windows VM to your Linux server.  Clear AnalyticProviderServices0's \tmp and \cache subfolders.  Then restart APS in Linux and you should be good to go.


Solution 2

APS is actually a patch within the stack.  The patch is over one year old ( or  The Linux version of this specific patch is apparently problematic.  In Linux, download and OPatch a higher series of patches for the Essbase stack, such as or as of this writing.  You will need to patch the entire Essbase stack: Essbase Agent, Essbase Runtime, Essbase Client, APS, and EAS Server.  The APS patch notes tell you which patches are certified for the specific patch version you decide to grab.

Stop the stack, run OPatch for the patches where needed, clear /tmp and /cache for each web service you patched, and restart.  No need to reconfig/redeploy.

My results

I've done both Solution 1 and Solution 2 within different test sandboxes.  Both worked for me.

Take care with respect to Solution 2 if you're running Essbase ASO cubes.  If you read through the patch notes from through, you'll see lots of issues relating to ASO.  I suspect the Essbase developers at Oracle aren't done tweaking ASO yet.

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