Wednesday, October 21, 2020

If You're Enjoying My Posts Here....

With heavy heart I announce my employer laid me off today.  Anyone who knows the sales dynamic between Oracle EPM Cloud vs. Oracle EPM On-Premises requires no further explanation.

It was a good run.

This means my access to Oracle Support (patches and Knowledge Base) and eDelivery ought to be cut off.  I'll cut myself off, of course.  (Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition)

I believe on-premises Hyperion / Oracle EPM has good years ahead.  The vast majority of mid-market companies I've spoken with over the past few years aren't ready to move to the cloud, and want to stay on-premises for at least the next 3 years.  Perhaps longer.  On-premises upgrades are not going away.

The dates are fluid, but we are being told EPM on-premises will be fully supported through "at least" 2030 and I heard 2031 tossed out there as well.  Safe Harbor applies; Oracle Corporation reserves the right to change their support policy.  This is just the best information I have in writing as of today.

Time to catch up on overdue yardwork and prepare the homestead for an Iowa winter.

Then it'll be time to dust off my resume and pound the virtual pavement.

Anyway, the rate of my posts on this blog will slow down until I find a new sponsor for an Oracle Support/eDelivery account.

So if 11.2.4+ or when Essbase 21 come out and you want me to test and write about them, click the link on the right-hand side of this page for my LinkedIn profile and you may contact me there to discuss a sponsorship.  Sorry, existing customers of my ex-employer may not contact me for this due to non-compete.  I write a separate post when my non-compete eventually expires.

Be well,




  1. Hi, Dave. That is a real bummer - I will make my feelings well known to Dan Russell and others. In the meantime, enjoy the yard and homestead work and I look forward to seeing you wherever you end up. Best wishes, Matthew

  2. I meant to add that 11.2 is now touted for Premier Support through to Dec 2032, so there is plenty of life in Hyperion EPM - floreat Hyperion!

  3. I am pretty sure with your vast experience & knowledge you'll be snapped up in no time...Enjoy the break

  4. Brief update. I found a promising job prospect and have sent in my application. If you see my job title change on LinkedIn, you'll know what's up!


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