Saturday, October 17, 2020

EPM Is Available on Oracle eDelivery

The EPM Certification Matrix has been updated for on-premises Hyperion / OracleEPM

Update: Oracle posted the following on Oct 16, 2020: Oracle 11.2.3 Release Announcement

The online Feature Comparison Tool hasn't been updated as of when I checked earlier this morning.  The README, however, lists a boatload of bugfixes.  HFM shops should inspect the README carefully and allow sufficient time for rigorous regression testing.

There's about 2GB remaining in my download queue, and then it will be time to take it for a spin.

Initial observations:

  • Still no certified migration path from and older.
  • The certification matrix says HFM isn't available for Linux 7 yet.  Fortunately, I don't have any customers screaming for this (yet).  I do have customers who've expressed interest in running Essbase on Linux 7 instead of Linux 6.  Linux 6 is a dead product and Linux 7 has faster disk I/O drivers, among other improvements.
  • Installation media is only available for 64-bit Microsoft Windows and Linux 7.  Solaris and AIX ("AIX ain't UNIX") aren't listed.
  • In-place "Apply Updates" upgrade available if you're on on through
  • The LCM bug for Google Chrome has apparently been fixed.
  • The README provides the workaround for Planning RMI not binding to its port.
  • No mention if the FDMEE Linux bugs have been fixed or not.
  • The README explains why I can't login to EAS; an Oracle WebLogic policy update is needed.  The problem may have been introduced in, as my sandbox works just fine.
  • The README has a very important note about LDAP hosted through MSAD; every Microsoft shop will need to get in front of this before Micosoft forces our hand in 2021.


  1. I decided to be brave and ran an in-place upgrade on top of a MS Windows Server 2019 VM and EPM It was not perfectly smooth and I'll write up my detailed observations after my dose of caffeine tomorrow.

    Quick insights:
    OHS upgrade failed, but not needed as the version # didn't change.
    WebLogic Server upgrade failed, but likewise not needed.
    Both OHS and WebLogic seem to be working fine.
    Oracle DB Client upgrade failed and I had to delete the old dbclient* folders.
    Analytic Provider Services still has an issue. The fix is to patch up the Essbase Suite.
    Planning RMI Windows Registry fix I applied to the system was preserved and RMI correctly binds to its port.

  2. I tested quickly the "apply maintenance" from 11.2.1
    - It's still weblogic and not long term support
    - HFM xfmdatasource is crashing and I don't understand why

  3. Hi Jul,

    Yes I can confirm Oracle Fusion Middleware (WebLogic, OHS, ODI, JDeveloper) is and not the very latest. Perhaps came out while EPM 11.2 was in development / QA testing?

    I have HFM installed and will spin up a sample app and test the crash issue you reported. There are other things on my to-do list as well.

    Be well.

    1. According to some unofficial oracle slides weblogic was planned for this release. I'm waiting for that upgrade before pushing EPM 11.2.xx in PROD.

    2. Thanks for sharing, Jul. That's encouraging news. One selling point of this upgrade is to extend the support lifetime of the system for as long as possible. That gives organizations breathing room to decide whether they want to move to the EPM SaaS Cloud or not.

  4. Hello Dave,

    I wanted to check if I can migrate Planning application from Hyperion to Hyperion 11.2.3?

    I didn't find any doc stating the same.


    1. Hi Yogesh,
      You use traditional LCM for migrating Planning... EXCEPT if you have Wrkforce, Capex, or Project cubes that were constructed using the licenses for those modules. Oracle removed those modules in 11.2. I can't guarantee those will work in 11.2. Who knows. It might. If your Planning apps are all custom Plan Types, you'll be fine.


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