Monday, September 21, 2020

If you could be Dave Shay for a day...

No, I don't wish this on anyone.

But in seriousness, suppose you could set my speaking agenda. What would you want me to talk about?

ODTUG is looking for abstracts. Rather than throwing pasta at the wall, how about stuff you care about?

I only ask for no RCU.


  1. Hi Dave,
    maybe the diff between HFM 11.2 on-prem vs 11.2 on Oracle Cloud. How does the performance hold up.

    1. Hi GPHW, that's an interesting idea. The 2 products you mention are completely different animals. FCC in Oracle Cloud sits on top of Hyperion Planning. I have been hearing stories from my peers who play in the application space that a poorly-designed FCC app can have horrible performance.

      No 2 FCC/HFM implementations are identical, so many customers have no problems at all in the cloud, whereas other customers struggle to get the dimensions and consolidation rules properly tuned.

      Due to FCC essentially being a new implementation, my advice on this topic would be to run in parallel for a while in both HFM on-premises and FCC in Oracle Cloud.

      HFM 11.2 on-prem is essentially under the covers. Features promised in the on-prem HFM 11.2 roadmap haven't been released yet. There are minor HFM database changes behind the scenes between and 11.2.x. You can see these changes when you run the HFM app upgrade utility. There's also a handful of new HFM tuning settings we can see in Workspace.

      In my opinion, on-prem HFM 11.2 gets a performance boost by the mere act of upgrading. HFM has been out for some time so many companies are running it on servers that are 5-7 years old. The upgrade to 11.2 is the perfect opportunity to do a hardware refresh.... IF IT has spare capacity in the data center.

      Customers are also taking a long hard look at hosting alternatives such as AWS, Azure and OCI. You get all the benefits of on-prem while letting somebody else worry about keeping hardware up-to-date.

      As stated elsewhere, the chief benefit of going with an Oracle Cloud solution such as FCC is you never have to upgrade again. BUT you now get monthly updates and thus ought to be doing monthly regression testing. This is a hidden labor cost.

    2. Dave,

      I do think that many customers do not know what Azure and AWS is in regards to performance.

      Most of the times they will take a look at the cost benefits, but never to the extent of I/O CPU etc. If you compare them to on-prem you know the difference.

      Also important to know, if you do want to have a good I/O, CPU etc you need to pay a lot in these cloud environments.

      A lot of our customers (early adaptors of cloud) will bring them back to there own IT.

      This could be a good study to do, performance and cost related stuff for Hyperion 11.2 Cloud vs On-prem

      Also the FCC HFM part, I know the performance is terrible when you are in the early FCCS part. With the FCCS hybrid it’s a bit better 😉

    3. Hi GPHW,

      Good stuff regarding hosted Cloud - pricing and performance considerations.

      The best hosting providers, whether we're talking AWS, Azure, OCI, or smaller providers, are the ones that offer plenty of options to choose from. Sadly, I've seen some that try to box you in to very expensive plans if, for example, you need low I/O latency for an Essbase server. e.g. the customer might only need 32GB of RAM for Essbase, but due to the the pricing they must buy 2TB of RAM because that's the only image available that provides the low I/O latency option.

      All of the hosting providers have slightly different options, so I've found it difficult to provide apples-to-applies advice for my clients.

      I've seen results all over the map with respect to performance, but generally performance has been on-par or better than on-premises.

      The main factor I've heard time and time again with respect to moving from on-premises to a PaaS/IaaS option (hosted cloud, not PBC/FCC/ARC/etc) is the IT organization wants to reduce or even get rid of their data center. One customer, for example, told me they saved millions in moving from on-premises to OCI because they were able to avoid a data center lease renewal. (Hyperion, Peoplesoft and OBIEE all moved at the same time).

      FCC's performance is a special case because of on-premises HFM allows unlimited Custom Dimensions, whereas FCC imposes a limitation in this regard (as I understand it - I confess I'm not an HCC app designer).

      Public Hosted Cloud does provide an interesting cost savings twist, because you can put non-Production environments to sleep when not needed... saving quite a bit on hosting costs over time. Private Hosted Cloud provides no cost savings benefit in this specific area, because you're paying for the environment whether you're using it or not.

      Be well,
      - Dave


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