Thursday, July 23, 2020

EPM on Linux: Got It Working!

 Initial observations:

  • If you've ever installed EPM 11.1.2.x on Linux before, the process for EPM is identical.
  • You obviously want a VNC client or PuTTY+XMing (unless you're using the VirtualBox console or the like).  If you don't own a license for VNCViewer, look up "TightVNC" on your favorite search engine.  It is open source.
  • Before you dive in and run, stop and run RCU. As I've stated in other posts and in comment replies, in a distributed environment you need to do this on every server except the Essbase server.
  • HFM is grayed out unless you're either installing on Exalytics or Windows.
  • The certification matrix says Red Hat 7 and Oracle Linux 7 are the only certified UNIX platforms for this release; AIX and Solaris are not mentioned.
  • After you run RCU and then, you will need to fix script permissions
  • If you've tried, or in Windows, the Linux directory structure is laid out in an identical fashion.  If you haven't tried 11.2.x yet, the directory structure is mostly the same as 11.2.1.x, but there are some minor differences (primarily with Oracle Middleware... user_projects is the same as what you're used to).
  • Financial Reporting's "" still shows an incorrect database schema, as do all prior EPM 11.2.x releases.  This is a bug someone will need to report to Oracle.  This bug means you will be forced to use either Workspace->Explore->File->Export or the LCM batch utility rather than LCM to export your reporting repository.  LCM will throw an error for this specific task.
  • Auto-installed patches are the same as's, and mostly the same as's (minor difference where WebLogic is concerned due to the addition of Chrome and Edge support).  Essbase is still and Java is still about 1 year old at 1.8 Update 181.  Once you get the system stable, you'll want to look into applying WebLogic and Java patches from the July 2020 Oracle Critical Patch Update.  You can also patch the Essbase suite up to or .040 if you want (as of this writing).
I'll look into writing a more thoughtful post over the weekend if there's anything else worthy of sharing.  Have fun installing!


  1. I am working on 11.2.2 install and i got everything install but OHS is pain now. Did you get OHS working and if you did what changes you had to make

    1. Add these lines to your custom start script for 11.2.2

      nohup $orahome/Middleware/user_projects/epm-fnd/httpConfig/ohs/bin/ > /dev/null 2>&1 &

      while true; do
      portcount=`netstat -na | grep 5557 | grep LISTEN | wc -l`
      if [ "$portcount" -gt 0 ]; then
      echo WebLogic Node Manager is running
      sleep 10

      nohup $orahome/Middleware/user_projects/epm-fnd/httpConfig/ohs/bin/ ohs_component > /dev/null 2>&1 &

      Problem solved. Set $orahome to be the fully-qualified path to the parent of the Middleware folder.

    2. Oh and replace "epm-fnd" from my comment with "epmsystem1" or whatever you named your Oracle EPM Instance.

    3. Ok thanks. I am doing my 11.2.2 install in distributed environment. One first set server I have Foundation Services, OHS, FR & calc manager. Second Set Planning, EAS and APS. Third set I have FDMEE and I have one Essbase server that is my setup. Issue I am facing is when I start node manager it stats on 5557 and when I start OHS it is looking for 5556. I checked
      -- /Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/epmsystem2/httpConfig/ohs/config/config.xml
      --/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/EPMSystem/nodemanager property file.

      any idea?

    4. Found my problem I was starting wrong nodemanager. Thanks a lot Dave.

    5. Excellent! Glad to hear it, Saurin.

      For others reading, here is the Node Manager startup script. Add this line to your custom start script.

      nohup $orahome/Middleware/user_projects/epm-fnd/httpConfig/ohs/bin/ > /dev/null 2>&1 &

      If you're working in a Windows server, add this to your script instead:

      REM In 11.2.0, the drive letter without the colon is included in the Node Manager's service name. *sigh*
      sc \\%FDNHOST% start "Oracle Weblogic ohs NodeManager (F_Oracle_Middleware_ohs_wlserver)"

      I have no idea why the commenting system is inserting tabs into my copy/paste script lines. Treat them as a single space.

    6. Yes my issue was I was starting nodemanager from following
      because in document all instruction was given for OHS and not nodemanager.

  2. if you don't mind sharing love to see your custom script.

    1. I can't post the entire thing and give away my secret sauce, or nobody will need to hire my firm. ;) I will share snippets so you can see the techniques I'm using, so you can adapt my methods to your specific needs if you so choose. Look forward to a future post on this topic.

      I first need to get my next post out of the way, and it will be a DOOZY. ( FDMEE in Linux does not work and I show the symptoms and how you might be able to fix it until Oracle releases a patch).

    2. I just did FDMEE and app server deployment failed. As per error it's saying ODI directory is missing in /Oracle/Middlewere/ (Doc ID 2501203), so waiting for your finding.

    3. Look at the tables in your FDMEE schema. There are a bunch of ODI tables missing.

      Then launch the WebLogic Admin Console and hop over to the Deployments tab. There are multiple problems here.

      Then click on Environmnent->Servers->ERPIntegrator->Targets and it is COMPLETELY EMPTY. Even if you manage to get it deployed, it will do absolutely nothing.

      Since I previously setup EPM, I compared lots of things and also had to copy over some files.

      In short, it is buggy and Oracle needs to issue a patch for FDMEE.


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