Saturday, June 27, 2020

Release the Kraken! EPM 11.2.2 is Out and Includes Linux

EPM is out and includes installers for Linux as well as MS Windows.  This is the one many organizations have been waiting for.

Time to spin up a new sandbox and take it for a test drive!

Edit: As of this writing, the 11.2.x documentation portal was last updated in May 2020.  While it is still 11.2.1-centric, there is a comment within the Installation Readme stating that Microsoft IE11 will not be supported in 11.2.2.  So we'll want to carefully review the 11.2.2 certification matrix once it is published.  The path forward looks to be MS Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox.  I'll publish a separate post on this topic once Oracle has updated their documentation.


  1. before getting too enthusiastic; this release does NOT contain HFM for Linux!

    1. The HFM download for Linux is available, but I suspect it is checking uname -a for the Exalytics operating system. I can confirm HFM is grayed out in I worked in on commodity Linux, but Oracle must've wised up and broke it for 11.2. I suspect I could fake out the system but I've got other things on my to-do list first.

  2. 11.2.1 was bringing a lot of bugfixes for HFM but nearly no bugfixes included in 11.2.2

    So as you said, the main change is the linux compatibility

    I hope that Oracle will continue to keep the pace of max 3-4 months between each release so that we don't have to wait for 6 months or 1 year between 2 PSUs like in HFM

  3. I'm getting a weird error when deploying in Linux and will publish the fix once I've figured it out. I took care of RCU so I know that isn't the problem.... the error message is different than when the RCU step is overlooked.

  4. Hi I've installed 11.2.2 on Windows 2019 and it works fine.. Just a question if you don't mind..

    Is starting the Weblogic Admin server compulsory? Earlier versions I never used to start them unless needed for tweaking some settings.. Seems that has changed?