Sunday, April 26, 2020

Stop Editing Workspace EAR Files - EASY Way to Change the Title!

I mentioned in my last ODTUG webinar that Oracle EPM 11.2.x's workspace looks exactly the same as's.  Everything looks identical right down to the color schema and title of the tab in your browser.

In the old days, we had to manipulate the WAR file inside of the EAR file to change the Oracle logo, manipulate the color codes, or whatnot so as to discriminate between Production, non-Production, or even different versions of EPM.  Replacing the logo image requires the know-how to make an image of the exact same height & width -- or being a fairly good Internet meme creator.

Worse, I sometimes find evidence that some consultants made edits directly within WebLogic's domains/EPMSystem/servers/FoundationServices0/tmp folder, rather than within the EAR+WAR file itself.

Stop doing that!!!

Do you know that a 1-line SQL statement makes your EPM Workspace title and browser tab look similar to my screenshot above?

Execute the SQL statement and bounce the EPM Foundation service, and you'll never have to worry about what happens if somebody subsequently patches Workspace or blows away WebLogic's /tmp folder.

Which SQL statement????   Here you go.  As my dear mother used to tell me in her dry humor, "never say I didn't do anything for you..."

UPDATE hss_component_property_values
SET property_value = 'EPM Workspace - Datavail Sandbox'
WHERE property_name = 'ApplicationName'

property_name = 'ApplicationName' is case-sensitive for both Oracle and MSSQL.  What you specify for property_value may be anything you want.  My suggestion is to indicate the version (e.g., or as appropriate) and the environment designation (PROD, UAT, DEV, etc...)

The above SQL statement works for all 11.1.2.x and 11.2.x versions as of this writing.  If you're still on 11.1.1.x or 9.3.x..... good luck!


  1. Thanks Dave, it worked on my Lab environment

    1. You are most welcome! My team has been using this technique for the past few years and I thought it would be a shame not to share a bit of secret sauce!

  2. Hello Dave,

    In 11.2.1 install, I am planning to scale or high available OHS and Foundation Services, is it okay if I first install these two services in 1st server and complete all configurations and get Hyperion workspace to work and then move on to second server install/configure or do you see any issues not doing all of them at once.
    (or) Do you think I should install on both servers at once, but configure on first server and bring Hyperion to work and then stop services to configure on second server?
    I appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Hi Veera. I tend to install all servers at once, but then configure just one half of the cluster at a time. So in your case, I'd configure Foundation+OHS #1 and test it. Without the 2nd half of the cluster being configured, any issues I run into can be isolated without having to worry if the problem was one half of the cluster or the other. (Or if you are doing 3, 4 or more servers in a cluster). I find it less confusing that way.

      Best luck to you! Regrets for the late reply... I've been heads-down on a project and just noticed this.