Tuesday, February 11, 2020

SmartView Essbase Ad-Hoc and EPM 11.2

Here's a short(er) blog entry about Hyperion / Oracle EPM 11.2, I promise!

Are you getting a pop-up error in SmartView when trying a top-level SmartView ad-hoc retrieve from Essbase?  In my case, I got a weird Java message complaining about "essggridoption.setAncestorTop()".

Our culprit here is a combination of the order by which Essbase patches were automatically applied when EPM 11.2 was installed, and perhaps some funny business involving how files revert to read-only status in Windows Server 2019.

The EPM 11.2 installer automatically applies these Essbase patches where appropriate:

Your problem here is this:

The Essbase Java API files used by Analytic Provider Services (APS) doesn't match what the Essbase server expects.  There's an Essbase API protocol mis-match here!

The patches automatically applied by the EPM 11.2 installtool are stored here:
Sure enough, there's a subfolder here for 29749671.

Stop your EPM services on the APS host machine(s).

Attempt to copy \Oracle\Middleware\oracle_common\OPatch\Patches\patchFiles\29749671\files\common\EssbaseJavaAPI\\lib\
choosing to overwrite the existing files.

One of three things will happen:
  1. The copy happens OK and you may restart services.
  2. It complains that a Java process is using one of the files you're trying to overwrite.  You'll have to use your Windows Task Manager to hunt down and terminate those processes (or reboot).  Then try again.
  3. It complains the target file is read-only.  If this is the case, right-click the target file, click Properties, and remove the Read-Only flag.  Then try again.
#2 above happened to me.  After I killed the offending process, replaced the files and restarted services, SmartView worked as expected!

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  1. thank you so much Dave for share your experience! it helps me to solve an EPM patch installation. APS patch didn't copy those files to the EssbaseJavaAPI folder. Updating both files solves the isssue. Thank you so much!