Friday, January 17, 2020

Cumulative Feature Overview - Updated for EPM 11.2

Oracle's Cumulative Feature Overview web page now allows you to compare prior releases against 11.2.

Sadly, when I picked the core modules HFM, Planning and Essbase, I didn't see anything about features removed (Simplified Interface, Workforce Planning, CapEx Planning, etc).

It isn't surprising no changes are listed for Essbase.  Essbase 11.2 is actually Essbase under the covers.  (Looking at the Essbase client DLLs tells you exactly this)

I do see a 2 tuning confirmation options mentioned for HFM.  Here's a direct copy & paste:

"Two new configuration settings have been added for calculations.  MaxNumConcurrentCalculations - The maximum number of concurrent calculations allowed per server per application. The default value is 8.
ConcurrentCalculationWaitTimeInSecond - If the maximum number of concurrent calculations are running and a user launches a new calculation, the system will wait until the timeout and log a message in the system log about the timeout with the POV details. The default value is 30 seconds. If the maximum number of concurrent calculations are running and ConcurrentCalculationWaitTimeInSecond = -1, and a user launches a new calculation, then the system will wait infinitely until one of the calculations finishes."
An HFM Task Option feature is also mentioned. Quote:
"In Task Audit, the system now generates entries for Journal Period Opened, Journal Period Closed, Data Locked, and Data Unlocked. Each lock and unlock audit event will have a description indicating which cell or cells were locked or unlocked, including the Scenario, Year, Entity (and descendants if applicable), and Period."
Everything else I noticed pertains to the back-up technology uplift to Ora

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