Sunday, December 8, 2019

ODI Tables Missing in FDMEE Here's why!

So you did a fresh install of FDMEE, applied the latest patch, and then ran the config tool to "Create Database" and "Deploy To Application Server".  This is how I do it, as I hate repeating the same activity twice (before and after patching).

But lo' and behold, the ODI tables (SNP* etc) are missing within the FDMEE repository.  What's going on here?


On your FDMEE server, inspect this file.  If FDMEE is clustered across multiple servers, you need to do this on just one server only.  Let's assume your 1st FDMEE server is hosted on Windows and resides on the D drive:


Click the image if it doesn't render completely.  I'm an EPM Infrastructure guy and am thus graphically-challenged.  But the key nugget of information is this:  Do you see "" or ""?  Change that 3 to a 4!

The "FinancialDataQuality\odi\" folder doesn't exist in this patch, so your ODI Master and Work repository tables never get created!  The config wizard doesn't bark at you that you hit this problem.

Oh, there's one other thing.  In the later FDMEE patches, you get only one shot at creating the ODI tables within FDMEE.  Look within the same createODIRepos.bat file mentioned above. You'll see a line remarked out that was NOT remarked out in the unpatched version of the software.  Do you see it?  Post in the comments below and I'll give you a hint.  This remarked line is what makes the configurator wizard create the ODI Master and Work tables!

Fix the .bat file, re-run FDMEE's "Configure Database" task from the EPM Configurator on just one server.  No need to redeploy to WebLogic.  Restart FDMEE and you're good.

I can understand why Oracle decided to remark out that line; if you need to re-run "Configure Database" for FDMEE for any reason, maybe you don't want to lose your ODI customizations.  But what if the ODI tables never got created to start with?  Best to backup the original file, make your edits, run the configurator, and then when things are working OK you can restore your backup copy of the file to its original name.

Will this remain a bug in 11.2, or will it be fixed?  Time will tell!

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  1. yes it worked. Thankyou very much for this information!!


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