Wednesday, December 18, 2019

EPM 11.2: No More Financial Reporting Essbase Connections?

I'm starting to crawl through the various Oracle Hyperion / EPM 11.2 readmes, and spotted this nugget:

Hyperion BI Plus. You can’t migrate Release reports that used Essbase as a data source to Release 11.2. In Release 11.2, Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting, which is now a component of Hyperion Financial Applications, continues to support connections to a Planning data source using an Essbase connection, as well as Profitability and Cost Management.
Across my customer portfolio, there are a sizable number of reports that use the Essbase data source.  This will be a migration impact.

I'm worried how this will impact customers who DON'T have Hyperion Planning, and just have Essbase.  There's quite a few of these environments out there.  If a customer doesn't have Planning, what happens when they have HFR reports that hit Essbase?

In all prior releases, when you setup data connections for HFR, you picked the data source type.  If you picked Planning, it would automatically "know" about the Planning apps because that information was picked up from Shared Services.  In this brave new world of EPM 11.2, what happens if you pick a Planning data source type for a pure Essbase app?  Would you even see it?

I hope to know the answer later tonight.  If I learn anything material, I will update this post.


  1. I tested creating a new report and Essbase is still available as a datasource type and it appears to work as expected. I am trying connection against a Planning app I created with both BSO and ASO plantypes and they both seem to work. Not sure if Oracle is referring to just native Essbase cubes.

  2. Hi Larry,
    Thanks for sharing your test results. Based on your above comments, your test case was planning application. Have you tested this on standalone essbase application. Would the essbase data source type connection available?