Thursday, September 5, 2019

EPM 11.2 Release Date - Bookmark Oracle's Post

Oracle's EPM 11.2 On-Premises Release Date Blog Post

As of this writing, both the blog post linked above and the Oracle Knowledge Base article which links to the above (last dated Aug 1, 2019) list an "Oracle Safe Harbor" projected release date of September 2019.

Late October 2019 Update: "Safe Harbor" has been bumped from December 2019.  As always, "wait and see"!

Be sure to bookmark the above and check back.

The primary Oracle Knowledge Base article to check would be "When will EPM 11.2 become Available? (Doc ID 2553915.1)"

October 2, 2019 Update: the article 2553915.1 mentioned above isn't available anymore!

For those of you unfamiliar with term "Oracle Safe Harbor", it essentially means the posted information is directional in nature, and could change.  The full text of Oracle Safe Harbor can be read within the Knowledge Base.  Just put "EPM 11.2" into the KB's search box and several articles on this topic will appear.

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