Saturday, August 4, 2018

Updates made to 2 prior posts

Two of the scripts provided in Upgrading to Java 7 for EPM - It doesn't need to be difficult! have been updated.  If you saved a copy of the scripts from the original post, please grab updated copies of SwapJava.bat and sed.ps1 from the updated post.

Additional information has been added to SSL TLS 1.2, OHS, and... Calculation Manager??? because:
  1. Oracle redacted the Knowledge Base article I referred to; it still exists, but is flagged as Oracle internal-only now.
  2. A Calculation Manager patch ( has been issued that solves the problem described in my post linked above.
Look for a new post soon that provides more information about upgrading to OHS for SSL protocol TLS 1.2 support.  The 30-second soundbyte is OHS breaks Hyperion Planning web forms, unless you either open them in the Simplified Interface (not possible for Workforce Planning), or via SmartView.  There's a fix for this, which I'll cover in my upcoming post.

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