Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Financial Reporting Logging Bug

If you're on EPM and have applied any of the recent patches for Hyperion Financial Reporting or higher, this post is for you!

Hop onto your Financial Reporting host server and inspect this folder:


Look for a file here named FRLogging.log.  How large has it grown?

In all versions older than HFR, FRLogging.log would rotate automatically.  Starting in, however, this behavior broke and the log grows indefinitely.

This log in particular contains the details about the reports your users are running.  By default, each report generates 3-5 pages of log entries.  If your users heavily rely upon Hyperion Financial Reporting during month-end and/or quarter-end close, this log file can grow very quickly!

Root Cause and Workaround!
Edit this file:


Find this section within the file:

The above block of XML is entirely missing the rotation-related settings. Here's a corrected version you can use to replace the above:

The above is what I prefer to use. This will cause your logging.xml file to rotate daily, with a maximum retention of 7 days' worth of files.

One thing to bear in mind: This logging.xml file resides both on your Hyperion Financial Reporting host machine and also the WebLogic Admin Server's machine. Whenever WebLogic Admin Server is running, and Financial Reporting is restarted, the logging.xml file on the WAS server is pushed to the HFR server. Also, if you have HFR clustered across multiple instances/machines, you'll need to edit logging.xml within FinancialReporting1, FinancialReporting2, etc., as appropriate.

Update: I've submitted an Oracle SR to issue a BUG about this issue, as I've encountered this in every single implementation I've done across multiple Oracle customers.

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